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Painting and Drawing




Painting and drawing is my major pastime. I came to painting and drawing quite late in life (early 40's) and studied at West Dean, The Earnley Concourse, Heatherleys School of Art,  The Art Academy, Royal Drawing School, The Hesketh Hubbard Art Society and many other places.


I initially focusing on Portrait painting whilst I was in full time employment, but since retiring during Covid I have been pursuing my love of the outdoors. With a bit more time available I have been actively painting around London. This includes Balham, Clapham and the surrounding Commons, and the river Thames.


I am also a member of various Plein Air (Outdoors) Groups that paint in and around London. I paint mostly in oils and believe that Plein Air paintings should be done entirely outside in front of the subject, without adjustment back in the studio otherwise they lose the freshness and spontaneity and also warp peoples perspective of what to look for in a Plein Air paining. 

Most of the paintings on this site are available to purchase from this site but some are in Galleries around London. Where this is the case it is indicated in the description on the picture.

Plein Air Painting is what I like to do most. Its a challenging activity as you have do deal with changing weather conditions, changing circumstances, and also the interruption of passers by. I generally like talking to people when I'm out and about painting but at times it can throw you off your stride or break you out of the flow of painting. All my London paintings (both for sale and sold) are shown on the Products page of this website.


Links to the Galleries that represent me are shown below.

Riverside Gallery & Framing - Art Gallery in Barnes, London

Webbs Fine Art Gallery - Original paintings on show and for sale, Clapham

Modern British Art Gallery SW London | Figurative Art For Sale Wandsworth | English Painters Putney | Russell Gallery (

The Gallery Norfolk



Andrew Theobald

07786 187 614

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