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My first job as a film/TV extra (or SA as they are also called - meaning supporting artists) was April 2022 and I was lucky enough to get about three weeks work on the Witcher Series 3 that summer. The series has recently aired on Netflix and below are some stills from the two episodes I appeared in (Ep 2 and 5). 



Since then I have been on about 20 productions and 60 days of work including most of the major fantasy series. I've also been featured 4 times, which is where you are on screen with 4 or less other extras and are likely to be recognisable in the shot. One of the things about being an Extra is that you often can't tell other people what programs you have been on until they actually appear on the TV. For each job you have to sign a confidentiality agreement and the bigger the production the more strict they are about it. In extreme cases, apparently, extras have been sued where they have taken photos on set and released them on-line. So, often the series that you are able to tell other people about are the ones you were on last year.

I very much enjoy being an Extra, being on fabulous sets and occasionally seeing and maybe even exchanging a few words with a big star. Because of my bearded look I tend to get on fantasy series and period dramas which generally involve lovely costumes a great sets. There's a lot of sitting around chatting to the other Extras which you have to enjoy if you're going to do the job, and inhospitable hours with sometimes very early starts and late and uncertain finishes. But thats all part of the work and I very much enjoy it.

This summer 2023 has been affected by the US actors and writers strike and most of the big budget series/films ground to a halt in the early summer. I was lucky enough to get 12 days on one of the few that kept shooting but then when that finished, the work dried up. Fortunately, with all the other activities I do I was able to switch back to some of the others for a while. The strikes have just been resolved (as of November 2023) but its unlikely, I think. that many shoots will resume before spring 2024.

One program that has just come out is the BBC/CBBC christmas special of Dodger, in which I played a Beafeater (Tower of London). Here a few stills of me from the episode.

Whilst Extra work is generally booked through a number of specialist agencies such as Extra People and Casting Collective, should you want to use me for your production my contact details are below. The list of the shows I have been in (as much as I can tell you) are shown at the bottom of the page.

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Andrew Theobald

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SA/EXTRA EXPERIENCE – (59 filming days – 19 productions - 4 features)


Sep’23 “Dodger” – playing a Beefeater in version of the artful Dodger – CBBC – 5 days

Sep’23 “Eastenders” – Extra in BBC show playing hospital patient – 1 day

Aug’23 “Pinky Promise” – Extra in Bollywood film at Hickstead Show Ground – 1 day

Aug’23 “Grace” – ITV series – hospital visitor Brighton – 1 day

Aug’23 “Silent Witness” – BBC series – Tech conference attendee – 1 day

Apr-Sep’23 “Red Gun 2” – codename – Merchant in major network fantasy series – 11 days

July’23 “GMG3 – codename – Priest in Bollywood Production in Reading– 4 days

July’23 “Ainaa” – Bar Drunk in Hoxton in Bollywood production – 1 day (featured)

July’23 “Chandu Champion” – Extra at the Olympic Aquatic Centre – 2 days

Jun’23 “Disney Productions Plus” - codename – Senator – 1 day

Mar’23 “Belgravia” – Extra as patient in a hydrotherapy clinic – 1 day (featured)

Mar-May’23 “Mary and George” – Juror in court-room – 5 days (featuredx2)

Mar’23 “Horseface”   – Extra as part of Red Knuckle Club – 2 days

Nov’22 “Dreaming Whilst Black” – Extra/SA playing Rabbi – 1 day

Oct/Dec ‘22 “LGP” – codename – Extra/SA – 3 days Background SA playing a Refugee in huge Amazon series.

Sept’/Nov’22 The Great – Extra/SA – 3 days Background SA playing a Russian Bishop in very popular Hulu series.

Aug’22 “Cool 8” – codename - Extra/SA – 1 day Background SA playing a crowd in a queue for a spaceship.

June/Aug’22 The Ballad of Renegade Nell – Extra/SA - 3 day – (featured) Background SA playing the role of a Stable-Hand in a new Disney Series.

May/July/Aug ’22 The Witcher Series 3 (episodes 2 and 5) – Extra/SA – 12 days

Background SA playing a wizard/Mage and villager in major Netflix fantasy series.

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