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Commercial Modelling

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As well as acting, since retiring during Covid, I have also been undertaking a number of commercial modelling assignments, including music videos and quiz shows. These have not been as numerous as acting jobs but they have been a lot of fun and very varied. 


One of the first ones I did was for a French Hand Bag company called Amelie Pichard in a hospital setting. The theme was about a lady giving birth to two handbags! It may seem a strange theme but it was a combination of two themes; Amelie Pichard having started (given birth) to her handbag company ten years ago and then more recently actually given birth. I played a hippy grandfather in a Joseph and the Amzing Technicolour Dreamcoat type outfit. The three photos above are taken from the shoot.

Another early modelling assignment I did was the shoot for which I am most known, I appeared in a "Beta-Squad" video trying to convince a panel that I was the ex-boyfriend of a young very pretty model. Its quite common now that I get recognised when I'm on other acting/modelling jobs for this. The Beta Squad are a group of young black londoners who have huge following on Youtube amongst the 20-30 year old age group. However if you are over 30 its unlikely you'll have heard of them. You can watch my performance by clicking on the following link. It demonstrates my improv skills as it was all unscripted.

Match The Ex Girlfriend To The Boyfriend ft JiDion - YouTube


Another notable shoot was for a Korean clothes brand called Neithers. The brand is targeted at young Koreans and the campaign was only shown in Korea and on-line, so it was an interesting twist to use a bearded late-middle aged white British man. We had a lovely day however going round London to a lot of my favourite places being photographed in the Neithers clothes, including drinking in pubs and cafes, for which yes I was paid!. Below are some of the photos from the shoot. Neithers also made a really nice video which you can watch by clicking on the link below.


Neithers Happiness in Each Day - YouTube

One other interesting project that both my wife and I got involved with was a project about sleep by a young artist called Dorothy Singzhang. A photographer came to our house and set up a device over the bed to photograph us in our sleep. I found it an interesting project as most of us, despite the endless photographs we take of ourselves on our phones, have no idea what we look like when we are asleep. The results were put together into a book "Like Someone Alive" and is available from








A full list of the commercial modelling, music videos and quiz shows that I have undertaken since April 2022 are shown at the bottom of this page. 

If you are interested in using me as a model in your project, my contact details are shown below.

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Andrew Theobald

07786 187 614

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COMMERCIAL MODELLING  (17.5 working days – 22 shoots)

Oct'23 Background in Beavertown Halloween Reels photoshoot in Tottenham – ½ day

Sept’23 Arctic Explorer in ASOS on-line photoshoot/commercial – 1 day

Sept’23 Background in “Harringtons Dog Food Yorkshire Embassy” stills/video – 1 day

July’23 Background for Motorway advert – 1 day

July’23 Photoshoot for Haus of Ra fashion brand stills and video – 1 day

Jun’23 Hugo Stotz in “Pioneers of the Electric Revolution” Corporate Video -  1 day

Jun’23 Background for O2 Arena commercial – ½ day

May’23 Ocado Commercial – art student – Dulwich Art Society - 1 day

Apr’23 Live lecture for Turkish health tourism industry – 1 day

Mar’23 Photoshoot for Salvation Army as Artist – ½ day

Mar’23 Photoshoot as Biblical characters – Anthony Crossley Photographer – ½ day

Feb’23 Cult leader in Multi-media Show “The Archon Mediation Preparatory” – ½ day

Feb’23 Background for Fathers for Justice Demo at Royal Courts of Justice – ½ day

Jan’23 Background for Wonderland Magazine shoot at Battersea Power Station – ½ day

Oct’22 Model for launch of winter collection of Neither’s Korean fashion brand – 1 day

Oct’22 Background for O2 Arena promotional video – ½ day

Aug’22 “Fisherman” in advert for new card/board Game “River Rampage” – 1 day

July’22 Contributor to YouTube video on meat eating habits – ½ day

June’22 Credit Suisse “Supertrends” Photoshoot - a whole-foods shop assistant– 1 day

June’22 BBC Storyville documentary – passenger in the back of  Black cab - ½ day

May’22 3rd Century Philosopher in Huawei Global Talent Recruitment Video – 2 days

April’22 Young hippy grandfather, Editorial Photoshoot – Emile Pichard French fashion/handbag brand – ½ day


MUSIC VIDEOS/GAME SHOWS (7 music videos and 3 game-shows)


Jun’23 Extra in Regency Ball based music video at Porchester Hall – 1 day

Jun’23 Etta Marcus music video Greenwich – Extra – ½ day

Jun’23 Diego and Elle – Bunny Boiler – Social Media video – ½ day

Feb’23 Extra in “ All These Things” music video of a Catwalk Fashion Show – 1 day

Jan’23 Extra in KSI/Oliver Tree “Voices” music video in London Restaurant – 1 day

Oct’22 Extra in live music video “Christy Live” at Peckham Liberal Club – 1 day

Aug’22 “Safe and Sound” - extra in video for band “The Big Pink" - ½ day

Aug’22 Old man/father in up-and-coming Band PVA’s pop video “Bad Dad” – 11k views – ½ day

July’22 “Never Mind the Buzzcocks “TV show line up as imposter for pop star– ½ day

June’22 Beta Squad YouTube Gameshow contestant – “Ex-boyfriend” – 5m views – ½ day


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