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Portrait Modelling


Since retiring during Covid the first new activity I got involved with was Portrait Modelling at Art Colleges around London. This is Portrait Modelling (ie: clothed modelling) where the artists typically just paint my head and shoulders, not Life Modelling (which is the one where you take your clothes off).


These art colleges are not the well known government funded colleges (such as the Royal College of Art or the Slade), as these colleges seem to do little drawing from the human figure these days, but the Private Art Colleges which have been set up to focus on figurative art (ie: drawing and painting from the figure). I think there are so many of these private colleges these days as a direct consequence of the lack of proper drawing in undergraduate art coursers at the Government Funded colleges.

I have now done hundreds of hours of Portrait modelling at colleges such as the Heatherleys School of Art, the Art Academy, London Fine Arts, the Barnes Atelier, Chiswick School of Art, The Royal Drawing School, the Mall Galleries and quite a number of other institutions and privately for individual portrait artists.


People seem to like my bearded look as it has references to /reminds people of many historical paintings, particularly the Russian School (such as Repin) and Van Dyke. My favourite type of Portrait modelling is Character modelling, where I create different characters to pose as. These include: "The Gipsy", "Lord Bellingham", "Man on a Park Bench", "Older Gentleman Out on the Town Still an Eye for the Ladies", "The Hermit". Some of these are shown in the gallery above along with some of the drawings and paintings from those sessions.

If you are interested in employing me as a Portrait Model my Contact details are below. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

07786 187 614

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