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Ukulele Playing and Singing

I love singing and for most of my life struggled trying to learn the guitar but never really got any good. I also intemittently sung in musical, choirs and even been the lead singer in a couple of bands. Below are the links to a couple of clips of me singing in a band when I was about 30 years old.

Necessary Evil - Sultans of Swing - YouTube

Necessary Evil - Cocaine - YouTube

In 2011 Frank Skinner, the comedian, was in a documentary about George Formby and this influenced me to get a ukulele. So thank you for that Frank.

Frank Skinner on George Formby (2011 Documentary) - YouTube


I immediately found it a very enjoyable instrument to play, easier than the guitar and set me off on a path of playing ukulele. I got quite obsessed with it for several years and progressed to a good standard. With all the other activities I've been involved in since Covid, ukulele has taken something of a backseat. However I still play most days. and have been a member of the Balham Ukulele Society since 2012, when I discovered that they met every other weekend in the pub that is almost closest to my house.

(20+) Balham Ukulele Society | Facebook

It is a lovely open group in South London and have played many gigs with them over the years all around South London and beyond, going to places I'd otherwise never have discovered. I've also performed solo at many open mics in South London. Below are links to a few videos of me playing at open mics. 

Sunlight String Band Sultan Open Mic 30 11 23 - YouTube

The Sultan Open Mic 20 11 23 - YouTube

IMG 5352 TRIM 1 - YouTube

(20+) Facebook

(20+) Facebook

(20+) Facebook

No doubt when my other actvities take a lull I'll swing back to ukulele playing. However if you have any suggestions for fun ukulele related activities please let me know via the contact details on this site.

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