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Since retiring during Covid I have branched out into a new career as an actor.

My first film was in May 2020 and since then I have been in more than 30 short/student/independent films, approximately 50% as a lead or significant supporting role.

These are not the sort of films you'll be seeing on the BBC or NetFlix, they will be shown at film festivals or used as final year dissertation projects for degrees. But nevertheless, with no acting background, I've been pleased and surprised that I can get any acting jobs. I seem to have hit something of a sweet spot as there don't seem to be many people of my age prepared to do these films. I've very much enjoyed them all however, working with young creative people and going to places that I would otherwise not have found.

These short films enable me, in January 2023, to get onto Spotlight, which is the main platform for professional acting and modelling jobs.

My Spotlight link is

Then, in October 2023, I was taken on by an acting agency, Destiny Talent.

At the bottom of this page is a list of all the films I have been involved with.  

Those films which have been released to the public can be viewed on my YouTube channel via this link Theo Phizza - YouTube

If you are interested in employing me in your film please contact me directly (contact details below) or Destiny Talent via this link Destiny Talent.


Andrew Theobald

07786 187 614

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ACTING (47 days shooting - 32 films/roles – 15 lead parts)

Oct’23 “Old Man” – lead role (speaking) as old man in BFI funded student film – 2 days

Aug’23 “Tutor” –supporting role (speaking) in Student film “Whispers in the Breeze” 1 day

Aug’23 “Reginald” – lead part (speaking) in Student film “Other Brother” – 3 days

June’23 “Edward” – ghost – lead role (speaking) in Student film “the Haunting” – 3 days

May’23 Researcher in Bodlean Library for Islamic Film shoot (non speaking) – 1 day

Apr’23 “Kingsley” – cheese expert – supporting role (speaking) in Student film “Let It Brie” – 3 days

Mar/Apr’23 “Beardy” – drug addict - lead part (speaking) in Student film “Crackspot” – 5 days

Mar/Apr’23 Elizabethan Spy – supporting role (non-speaking) in Student film “ How Tennis Invented Everything” – 2 days

Mar/Apr’23 “Darren” investigator – lead role (speaking) in Student film “ Psi-cho” – 4 days

Mar’23 “Floor Manager” – supporting role (speaking) in Student film “Inside Studio A” – 1 day

Mar’23 “Will – Grandfather” lead role (speaking) in Student film “Black Park” – 4 days

Mar’23 “Edward Thane” artist going blind - lead role (non-speaking) in Student Film “In The Eye of The Beholder” – 1 day

Mar ‘23 “Doctor” lead part (speaking) in Student film “The Great MaCilllgum” – 1 day

Mar’23 “Chief Doctor/Doctor 1” supporting role (speaking) in Indie film “Spray” – 2 Days

Feb’23 “Chief Constable Jamerson” – incompetent police chief - in student film “Dream of Me” 2 days

Feb’23 “Ray”    – book shop owner - lead part (speaking) in Indie Film “Hurlingham Book” – 1 day

Feb’23 “Mark” – father - lead part (speaking) in Student film “Speaker Wars”- 2 days

Feb’23 “Male Victim No 1” - dead body - supporting role (non-speaking) “Maneater” – ½ day

Feb’23 “Caretaker” – Janitor in dance school- supporting role (speaking) in Student film “Mirror Dancer” – 1 day

Dec’22 “Father” – lead role (non-speaking) in Indie Film “Zamily” – 1 day

Nov’22 “Ira Muesli” – ageing lothario - lead role (speaking) in Indie short film “Aroma” – 1 day

Nov’22 “Lucien” – gallery guide - supporting role (speaking) in Student film “The Guide” – 1 day

Nov’22 Contributor to documentary film about +ve outcomes of Covid Lockdowns – 1 day

Oct’22 “Kev” – drunken Scotsman in pub - lead role (speaking) in student short film “Five Stages of a Deadly Virus” – 1 day

Oct’22 “Stan” – angry shopkeeper - supporting role (speaking) in indie short film “Street Dogs” – 1 day

Oct’22 “The Script” – Extra/SA playing fleeing villagers in Indie short film – 1 day

Sept’22 “Dr Crumb” – lead role (speaking) in student film “Machete Therapy” – 2 days

Aug’22 “Male Leader 1”- cult leader - lead supporting (non-speaking) in student film “Animan” – 1 day.

Aug-22 “Mystical Guide” – ethereal being - supporting role (speaking) in indie film “Tripped” - 1 day

July’22 “Retired Father” – old man who finds a radio - lead role (non-speaking), in student film “A Soft and Gentle Humming” – 1 day

June’22 “Beggar” (non-speaking) supporting role in short indie film “PT” – ½ day

May’22 “Ghost” – old Bill - featured role in “WhatNot” (codename) docudrama being made for Apple TV – 1 day

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